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Mission  - FAA Pride, the FAA’s LGBTQIA+  Employee Organization, is a professional organization acting as an advocate for equitable representation and opportunities in employment, development, and leadership.

The purpose of FAA Pride is to eliminate prejudice and discrimination for all in the workplace regardless of one’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. To carry out this purpose, the Association shall provide its members the following:

a. Information and education for use within the FAA to contribute to FAA employee welfare and morale, assist in empowering a climate of equality and inclusion among FAA employees and for use in educating the public;

b. Representation, within the FAA, the Association and with other governmental and non-governmental organizations;

c. The point of exchange of experience, ideas and general knowledge in all areas encompassing sexual orientation and gender identity;

d. Support in strengthening and enhancing all the diverse missions of the FAA with a focus on the core missions to eliminate prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity; and

e. Sponsorship of cultural and educational pursuits, professional development programs, and social, entertainment and recreational events.

(FAA Pride Constitution)

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