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  • 02 December 2021 10:29 AM | Michael T. Tull (Administrator)

    Steve explains how we're moving forward with recommendations to adopt language that is gender-neutral and inclusive, including updating the NOTAM acronym from Notice to Airmen, to Notice to Air Missions. 

    Link to Steve's YouTube video

  • 22 November 2021 9:18 AM | Michael T. Tull (Administrator)

    The link below is an article about Transgender Remembrance Day.  The link will take you to the FAA Focus.


  • 28 August 2020 2:58 PM | Jon Moody (Administrator)


    As I’m sure you remember, when the National Defense Authorization Act was signed into law, it mandated paid parental leave for federal employees. However, there were questions whether the new benefit would apply to FAA employees due to how we’re structured as a federal agency.

    At that time, I committed to you that we would make sure you receive the same parental leave benefits that will be available to your colleagues in the federal government, starting October 1, 2020.

    Today, I’m pleased to announce that the FAA will join other federal agencies in offering employees up to 12 weeks of paid leave taken in connection with the birth, adoption, or foster care placement of a child in their home.

    Paid parental leave will become effective this year for FAA employees who welcome a new eligible family member into their household on or after October 1, 2020. For more information about how this new FAA benefit may apply to you, visit the Paid Parental Leave page on MyFAA.

    Nothing is more important than family, and I will continue to make sure the FAA is an environment that supports families and a healthy work/life balance.

    Thank you to everyone who worked hard to secure this benefit for FAA employees, and thank you to everyone for your hard work and dedication to our safety mission.  


  • 13 July 2020 12:59 PM | Jon Moody (Administrator)


    This is definitely not the only place in the world where members of the LGBTQ+ community can't marry and face harassment.  We need to keep up the fight for equality!

  • 20 December 2019 8:12 AM | Jon Moody (Administrator)

    This is an article I ran across during my normal work duties.  The report has not been validated nor do we endorse the research group.  I'm simply adding as a resource.

    LGBTQ travel in 2019.pdf

  • 23 August 2019 1:13 PM | Michael T. Tull (Administrator)

    Good afternoon, colleagues. Thank you for attending the following webinar as part of the Health Equity Speaker Series at CDC’s National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention — Office of Health EquitSOGI_8_15_19v2_handout2.pdfy.

    • ·       Event title: Improving Measurement of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in the Federal Statistical System
    • ·       Presenters: Nancy A. Bates, MA (Senior Researcher for Survey Methodology, U.S. Census Bureau) and Sylvia K. Fisher, PhD (Director, Office of Research and Evaluation, U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration)
    • ·       Date: Thursday, August 15, 2019

    A captioned version of the webinar recording is now available on YouTube. In addition, I am also sharing a copy of the PowerPoint slides in PDF format attached to this email and the following links on behalf of the presenters.

    The presenters have asked that I forward along their answers to questions that we did not get to address during the webinar. Those questions and answers are at the bottom of this email.

  • 31 May 2019 2:18 PM | Michael T. Tull (Administrator)

    In the sweltering, early morning hours of June 28, 1969, New York City Police raided the Stonewall Inn.  This was not a singular occurrence nor were raids limited to the Stonewall Inn, but this night, the Stonewall patrons rose up and fought back.  The police came to enforce laws against “lewd behavior” like serving alcohol to gays, members of the same sex dancing together, or individuals wearing clothing of the opposite gender.  This time the police pushed things too far.  Police hit an unidentified female over the head while being loaded into the police transport.  She cried out, and the crowd responded with six nights of demonstrations and clashes with law enforcement.  The Stonewall Uprising was the catalyst for the Gay Right Movement in the United States.

    After 50 years, we acknowledge many great successes for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT+) community.  However, our march for equality continues!

    In celebration of LGBT+ Pride Month, FAA GLOBE will host “Stonewall at 50 – The March Continues,” on June 26, 2019, in the Quesada Auditorium (FOB 10A, 3rd Floor) from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (EDT).  All are welcome to attend.  The event will look at the FAA’s LGBT+ community with Acting Assistant Administrator Courtney Wilkerson and our keynote speaker, Vicki Malesza.  Vicki recently retired and is FAA GLOBE’s immediate past-president.  She will recount her story of being a member of the LGBT+ community during her career at the FAA.

    Those unable to attend “Stonewall at 50 – The March Continues” in person can watch a live broadcast using the provided link, https://faa.rev.vbrick.com/#/webcasts/faa-globe-lgbt. If you are teleworking, disconnect from PulseSecure, copy and paste this link into your Chrome browser (Internet Explorer will not work), and you can log back into PulseSecure once the stream is running.

    FAA GLOBE is the Federal Aviation Administration’s officially recognized LGBT+ Employee Association whose purpose and goal is to bring about a workplace that is free of prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity through education and awareness of issues affecting LGBT+ employees.  We are a professional organization acting as an advocate for equitable representation and opportunities in employment, development, and leadership.  

  • 30 May 2019 12:56 PM | Michael T. Tull (Administrator)

    This year is the 50th anniversary of the riots at the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village in New York City.  This was the spark from which PRIDE as an annual event was born.  It would be false to suggest that the events of Stonewall in the last week of June 1969 were the genesis of the LGBTQ+ Rights movement, but it was a galvanizing force in LGBTQ+ political activism.  The LGBT version of "remember the Alamo." 

    Current members of our community may not fully know our history.  This is not the forum for a detailed account.  While there are notable characters in history who would probably now be considered members of the LGBTQ+ community today, there really wasn't a "community" to belong to then.  By the 1910s LGBTQ+ communities began to form in major cities.  During Prohibition many "speakeasies" formed around specific tastes of the patrons who attended them.  Just as Jazz Bars formed, so did gay bars. While there had been laws prohibiting specific activities for some time new laws appeared against same sex couples holding hands or dancing.  Many cities had laws against cross gender dressing as well with conviction leading to fines and imprisonment.  In the 1940s and 1950s, while suspected "communists" were rounded up, so to were LGBT people in what is now called the "Lavender scare."  Men and women lost jobs and military pensions as governments sought to find and expel any "deviant." 

    Gay rights organizations can be traced back to the 1920s where civic leaders tried to band community members together to "fight the system" but most attempts led to failure and getting "members" to sign up was difficult because so much could be denied anyone whose name appeared on such a list. 

    The events at Stonewall Inn in 1969 repeated in many ways in many communities across the country during the 60s and early 70s.  Stonewall is remembered because it was big, and it was noticed by the main stream media, and it was followed by an annual gathering by protest marchers a year later.

    But the march continues.  While the LGBT community is recognized in ways that would be unimaginable over 50 years ago, there are still men and women fired from their jobs, denied service at public establishments, and risk other forms of discrimination.   Rights we have earned are tenuous if not continuously asserted.  

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Let us know how we can help, or how we can do better to serve you and the community.

FAA Pride (formerly FAA GLOBE)'s purpose and goal is to bring about a workplace that is free of prejudice and discrimination based on sexual orientation through education and awareness of issues affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees.

OUR MISSION  – FAA Pride, the FAA’s LGBT Employee Organization, is a professional organization acting as an advocate for equitable representation and opportunities in employment, development, and leadership.

OUR PURPOSE  – The purpose of FAA Pride is to eliminate prejudice and discrimination against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender individuals.

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