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FAA Pride Executive Committee:

James A. Hatt

President 2022-2024

President 2020-2022

Brock Shetley

Treasurer 2022-2024

Treasurer 2020-2022

 Kelly P. Pagels

 Vice President 2023-2025
 Vice President 2021-2023

Sanijela (Sani) Varga

Secretary 2023-2025
Secretary 2021-2023

Andrea L. Zimbardi

Director-at-Large 2022-2024

Michael Tull

Director-at-Large 2022-2024

Central Service Area Director

  Christopher Poulin 

  Director-at-Large 2023-2025


Other Board Members:

  Marie Kee

  Eastern Service 

Jack Pahlas

Western Service Area Director

Jon Moody

Membership Officer

FAA Pride Oath of Office

"I (name) hereby swear (affirm) that I will support the constitution and bylaws and at all times bear true allegiance to the goals and purposes of FAA Pride I further swear (affirm) to perform the duties and responsibilities of my office to the best of my ability.”

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